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Program Instructors

Our instructors take their teaching responsibilities very seriously. Being a good teacher means making sure students are doing techniques correctly and safely. Many martial arts injuries are the result of doing techniques incorrectly over a period of many years, thus damaging the body's bones and connective tissues. All of our instructors are thoroughly trained in how to teach techniques safely and effectively. This ensures that you will receive an education in practical self-defense while strengthening and conditioning your body. We work hard to make sure that all of our students, from the young to the young-at-heart, will receive all the benefits they are looking for without having to endure dangerous training regimens.

Sensei David Shanstrom

David Shanstrom

As the chief Aikido instructor and owner of Martial Arts of Tucson, Sensei Shanstrom brings to you the unsurpassed knowledge and experience that only a lifetime devotion to the martial arts can develop. Of calm, softspoken and sincere character, Mr. Shanstrom emits these traits naturally...a reflection of the Aikido spirit itself.

Master Scott Meyer

Scott Meyer

The chief instructor of Taekwondo, Scott Meyer emphasizes fun and competition at once. 'Coach' Meyer has won national medals in USA Taekwondo tournaments, and this competitive spirit gives Mr. Meyer a keen insight into the dedication and focus required to achieve excellence. The Olympic sports orientation of his classes make for energetic, fun workouts.

Andrew Ivey

Andrew Ivey

Ivy Sensei began studying Judo at Michigan State University, under Sensei Jagoon Kim in September, 1971. He received his Shodan (first degree Black Belt) from him on August 6th, 1975. He continued his study under Sensei Ken Carson (Rendokan Dojo, Tucson, Arizona), ultimately earning his Godan (Fifth Degree Black Belt) on April 19th 2007. Ivy Sensei’s rank is certified through the USJF and the USJA. Additionally, he holds a National Judo Rank Examiner's Certification thru the USJA, a Silver Life Membership, and is registered as an Associate Member of the Shudokan Martial Arts Association.