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Contact Info: 5250 E. Pima Street, Tucson Arizona, 85712. 520-325-0790

About Us - Overview

Martial Arts of Tucson is committed to providing you with the best in Martial Arts and fitness training. We offer multiple programs in order to meet your goals, whether you want to lose a few pounds, or receive your master certification in a traditional martial art. Our instructors will tailor their programs to meet your individual needs in a safe and professional training environment. We stand out from the rest because of our excellence, our professionalism, and our diverse offering of programs for you to choose from.

About Us - Origin

Martial Arts of Tucson opened its doors at 5250 E. Pima St. on June 4th, 2001. David Shanstrom, owner, has been teaching Aikido for many years in the Tucson area. He partnered with Ryan Maza (Jujutsu), Scott Meyer (Tae Kwon Do) and Enrique Olivares (Karate) in a very non-traditional venture, bringing a multi-faceted arsenal of styles to the public.

As the martial arts have developed over the centuries, a great deal of energy has gone into trying to decide which style is the best, often resulting in disputes that have prevented the growth and expansion of knowledge that could come from sharing.

It is a spirit of growth and development that prompted David to offer four different styles from three different countries (Tae Kwon Do is Korean in origin, whereas Aikido, Jujutsu and Karate are Japanese) under the same roof. Our staff would like to invite you to grow and develop with us as we make this move into exciting and uncharted territories of martial arts training.

About Us - Instruction

Our instructors take their teaching responsibilities very seriously. Being a good teacher means making sure students are doing techniques correctly and safely. Many martial arts injuries are the result of doing techniques incorrectly over a period of many years, thus damaging the body's bones and connective tissues. All of our instructors are thoroughly trained in how to teach techniques safely and effectively. This ensures that you will receive an education in practical self-defense while strengthening and conditioning your body. We work hard to make sure that all of our students, from the young to the young-at-heart, will receive all the benefits they are looking for without having to endure dangerous training regimens.

About Us - Enjoyment

Gone are the days when students grovel for admittance into a dojo, only to be treated inhumanely once they get there. We want you here, and we want you to enjoy every minute of it! Our programs meet your self-defense and fitness needs, but they also provide a good time. Martial Arts of Tucson is a fun place to bring your friends and family for some good "bonding" time. It's also a great place to meet lots of new friends from all walks of life, and become a part of our family. This welcoming environment is the perfect place to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself, and achieve those goals with good friends who will help you along your path, not just in the Martial Arts of your choice, but also in life.